Who is baby bento?


Who is baby bento?

Baby Bento was founded in 2015 with the SIMPLE mission of providing healthy, organic baby and toddler meals for Philadelphia's youngsters.

Feeding your child can be challenging for many reasons.  Picky eaters turn meal times into a staring contest, hectic schedules make preparing a home cooked meal nearly impossible, or staying up all night with your newborn makes a box of mac & cheese the easiest option for your toddler.  Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

For nearly a decade, Baby Bento founder, Llana Oraschewsky, was a loving nanny and au pair for very busy families.  She has worked in a variety of environments for parents with demanding careers including travel and long hours, raising several children with active social lives, and single parents that brilliantly wear the Mom, Dad, and Working Parent hats.  Every family is different, but they all have one common theme:  they want the best for their children.

Here at Baby Bento, we believe that having meals sorted leaves the stress out of the best parts of your family's life.  Spending an extra five minutes reading a book, taking your time coming home from practice, watching your baby learn to crawl, or teaching your little tot to ride a two wheeler - we want you to savor these moments with your children.

Baby Bento offers a healthy and convenient alternative to store bought, processed baby food for parents with a lot on their plates.  Made with love and fresh ingredients, Baby Bento is committed to nourishing your baby and toddler with only the best food, just like you.  We source Philadelphia local ingredients when possible and change our menus quarterly to reflect the season, ensuring to develop your little ones' future foodie palates with variety.